100 Highest Paid Athletes in the World

June 3, 2015

Huge salary, lucrative business deals and endorsements and luxurious cars; that’s what defines the status of the richest athletes around the world. The highest paid athletes in the world come from a variety of sports and they earn money with each passing second.

Highest Paid Athletes in the World

You might always have wondered about how big your best cricketer made or how much your best soccer player takes home with each game. The salary these highest paid athletes get is what makes them rich today while most of them also have contracts with several endorsement deals that has helped them boost their net worth.

The list below is dominated by baseball players, however, the highest paid athlete is a boxer, Floyd Mayweather who bags $105 million every year.Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar lead the list of highest paid soccer players in the world again. English footballer Wayne Rooney is the highest paid footballer in England. 

LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Derrick Rose are the highest paid basketball players in the world. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Indian cricket player and captain is the only cricket player in the list here. 

Tiger Woods, who was at the #1 spot has dropped to become the sixth highest paid athlete in the world and his value is decreasing every year with his depleting performance in golf.

Forbes has been producing the list of highest paid athletes every year and here we’ve the list of it for you. There are a lot of basketball players in the list of richest athletes because they grab endorsement deals and feature on several television commercials. Similarly, there are also several basketball movies on Netflix that feature some of the historic basketball stories chronicling the stories of richest basketball players in the world.

Take a look at the 100 highest paid athletes in the world below:

RankNameYearly SalaryYearly Net WorthSport
1.Floyd Mayweather$105 mllion$105 millionBoxing
2. Cristiano Rolando$52 million$80 millionSoccer
3. LeBron James$19.3 million$72.3 millionBasketball
4. Lionel Messi$42 million$72 millionSoccer
5.Kobe Bryant$30.5 million$61.5 millionBasketball
6.Tiger Woods$6.2 million$61.2 millionGolf
7.Roger Federer$4.2 million$56.2 millionTennis
8. Phil Mickelson$5.2 million$53.2 millionGolf
9.Rafael Nadal$14.5 million$44.5 millionTennis
10. Matt Ryan$42 million$43.8 millionFootball
11.Manny Pacquiao$41 million$41.8 millionBoxing
12. Zlatan Ibrahimovic$36.4 million$40.4 millionSoccer
13.Derrick Rose$17.6 million$36.6 millionBasketball
14. Gareth Bale$25.4 million$36.4 millionSoccer
15.Radamel Falcao$32.4 million$35.4 millionSoccer
16.Neymar$17.6 million$33.6 millionSoccer
17.Novak Djokovic$12.1 million$33.1 millionTennis
18.Matthew Stafford$31.5 million$33 millionFootball
19. Lewis Hamilton$29 million$32 millionRacing
20. Kevin Durant $17.9 million$32 millionBasketball
21.Fernando Alonso$29 million$31 millionRacing
22.Mahendra Singh Dhoni$4 million$30 millionCricket
23. Dwyane Wade$18.9 million$29.9 millionBasketball
24.Carmelo Anthony$21.4 million$29.4 millionBasketball
25.Wladimir Klitschko$24 million$28 millionBoxing
26.Peyton Manning$15.1 million$27.1 millionFootball
27.Amar'e Stoudemire$21.7 million$26.7 millionBasketball
28. Dale Earnhardt, Jt.$14.9 million$25.9 millionRacing
29. Dwight Howard$20.5 million$25.5 millionBasketball
30. Cliff Lee$25.1 million$25.3 millionBasketball
31.Joe Mauer$23 million$24.8 millionBaseball
32.Miguel Cabrera$22.6 million$24.6 millionBaseball
33. Zack Greinke$24.4 million$24.5 millionBaseball
34.Maria Sharapova$2.4 million$24.4 millionTennis
35. Derek Jeter $15.3 million$24.3 millionBaseball
36. Rory McIlory$4.3 million$24.3 millionGolf
37. Chris Paul$18.7 million$24.2 millionBasketball
38.CC Sabathie$23 million$24.2 millionBaseball
39.Prince Fielder $23.5 million$23.9 millionBaseball
40.Darrelle Revis$23 million$23.8 millionFootball
41. Li Na$5.6 million$23.6 millionTennis
42.Jimmie Johnson$17 million$23.5 millionRacing
43. Wayne Rooney$18.4 million$23.4 millionSoccer
44.Sergio Aguero$18.3 million$23.3 millionSoccer
45.Usain Bolt$200 thousand$23.2 millionTrack
46. Dirk Nowitzki$22.7 million$23.2 millionBasketball
47.Blake Griffin$16.5 million$23 millionBasketball
48.Alex Rodriguez$22.6 million$22.9 million Baseball
49.Johan Santana$22.5 million$22.9 millionBaseball
50. Mark Teixeira$22.5 million$22.7 millionBaseball
51. Matt Kemp$21.8 million$22.6 millionBaseball
52.Joe Johnson$21.5 million$22.5 millionBasketball
53.Geno Atkins$22.3 million$22.4 millionFootball
54.Ryan Howard$21.7 million$22.4 millionBaseball
55.Aaron Rodgers$14.5 million$22 millionFootball
56. Serena Williams $11 million$22 millionTennis
57.Chris Bosh$19.3 million$21.8 millionBasketball
58.Pau Gasol$19.3 million$21.8 millionBasketball
59.Yaya Toure$19.2 million$21.7 millionSoccer
60.Robinson Cano$18 million$21.5 millionBaseball
61.Adrian Gonzalez$21.1 million$21.5 millionBaseball
62. Joe Haden$21.2 million$21.4 millionFootball
63. Fernando Torres$17.8 million$21.3 millionSoccer
64.Henrik Stenson$18 million$21.2 millionGolf
65.Vernon Wells$21 million$21.1 millionBaseball
66. Canelo Alvarez$19.5 million$21 millionBoxing
67.Drew Brees$10 million$21 millionFootball
68.Eli Manning$13.5 million$21 millionFootball
69.Julius Peppers$20.4 million$20.8 millionFootball
70.Cole Hamels$20.5 million$20.8 millionBaseball
71.Jason Peters $20.7 million$20.7 millionFootball
72.Justin Verlander$20.2 million$20.7 millionBaseball
73.Tim Lincecum$20.3 million$20.6 millionBaseball
74.Carl Crawford$20.2 million$20.5 millionBaseball
75.Matt Cain$20 million$20.4 millionBaseball
76. Barry Zito$20.3 million$20.4 millionBaseball
77.Felix Hernandez$20.1 million$20.3 millionBaseball
78.Albert Pujols$18.3 million$20.3 millionBaseball
79.Deron Williams$18.5 million$20 millionBasketball
80.David Ortiz$14.8 million$19.8 millionBaseball
81.Robin van Persie$16.5 million$19.5 millionSoccer
82.Russell Westbrook$14.7 million$19.2 millionBasketball
83. Sebastian Vettel$18 million$19 millionRacing
84. Carlos Dunlap$18.7 million$18.8 millionFootball
85.Zach Randolph$18.3 million$18.8 millionBasketball
86.Steven Gerrard$13.2 million$18.7 millionSoccer
87. Jeff Gordon$13.7 million$18.7 millionRacing
88.Rudy Gay$17.9 million$18.6 millionBasketball
89.Larry Fitzgerald$17 million$18.5 millionFootball
90.Mesut Ozil$12.5 million$18.5 millionSoccer
91.Branden Albert$18.4 million$18.4 millionFootball
92.Franck Ribery$16.8 million$18.3 millionSoccer
93.Alfonso Soriano$18 million$18.1 millionBaseball
94.Jairus Byrd$17.9 million$18 millionFootball
95.Adam Scott$8.7 million$17.7 millionGolf
96.Terrell Suggs$17.4 million$17.6 million Football
97.Brandon Marshall$16.8 million$17.5 millionFootball
98. Jayson Werth$17.3 million$17.5 millionFootball
99.Matt Holliday$17.2 million$17.4 millionBaseball
100.Luis Suarez$13.3 million$17.3 millionSoccer

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These athletes are known for their performance that they show in their sports while they are also famous for their lavish lifestyle. Not only are they cheered while on field, they are also considered no less than celebrities today.

So, is your best sportsperson in the list of highest paid athlete in the world? Write us in the comments below!