Amazon Net Worth

June 20, 2015

Amazon net worth: American electronic commerce company and largest internet-based retailer in US, Amazon has a net worth of $175 billion.

Amazon net worth, Inc. is a well-known name in the online business sector, as it stands as the largest internet- based retailer in the U.S as well as the whole world. Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos, in July 1994, with the name “Cadavra” which went on to be in near future. Referring to the vision of Bezos to make his company, Amazon soon became the biggest in the world.

Initially, Amazon worked as an online book store, where the customers could find their preferred books, and it would get delivered to them. The same process applies till now, and Amazon is not just limited as the largest online bookstore, because, it now sells all kinds of things, from A to Z.

Amazon dint have a beginner’s luck to flourish overnight but it has been one of the few patient companies which worked hard for years to grow its profits. Amazon now is one of the most valued companies in the world as it has managed to grow its profits by billions.

This multinational company is extending its businesses rapidly with its software development centers in different countries from each continent in the world. The mastermind behind this successful venture, Jeff Bezos has been working as the CEO, President and Chairman of the company. This company has employed around 154,000 of people from different parts of the globe for a promising future.

Amazon now provides the widest range of online service ranging from DVDs to software, toys to jewelries, all types of household appliances, apparels, video games as well as food. Amazon also produces consumer electronics such as Amazon Kindle e-book readers, Fire TV, Fire tablets etc. It is also a major provider of Cloud computing services.

This company has made the lives of people easier with its services and needless to say, it has made a whole lot of difference in Jeff Bezos’ life. This head of, Inc., has made a billionaire out of himself with his perseverance and hard work in the company.

Currently standing at the thirteenth position in the list of highest valued companies in the world, as reported by, Forbes, Amazon has a net worth of $175 billion.

Quick Facts about, Inc.

Founded: July 6, 1994

Founder: Jeff Bezos

Headquarters: Seattle,Washington, U.S.

Industry: Internet

CEO: Jeff Bezos

Products: Kindle, Appstore, The Book Depository etc,

Services: online shopping, Web hosting, Content Distribution

Area Served: Worldwide

Number of employees: 154,000

Amazon Net Worth: $175 billion