Clint Walker Net Worth

August 21, 2015

Clint Walker net worth: Retired American actor, Norman Euguene Walker, better known as Clint Walker has a net worth of $4 million.

Clint Walker net worth

Clint Walker is an American retired actor who is renowned for his cowboy role in television series “Cheyene” which was a big hit in 50s and 60s.  Born Norman Eugene Walker, he became famous by his stage name Clint Walker when he started his career in acting. This name took him to the height of success given his amazing acting skills and the gorgeous physique to die for. Clint has appeared in many Hollywood movies as well as several television series which made Clint to be received as the star in 50s who took the cinema and television’s craze to the next level.

Born on May 30, 1927 in Hartford, Illinois, USA, he was raised by his mother as his parents divorced when he was very young. Clint left school in his teens and started working at odd jobs including metal worker, nightclub bouncer, doorman, undercover for detectives and many more. It was only after some years he was told by somebody about how he could become an actor given his talent and strong physique.

Clint then tried his luck in acting and initially appeared in the film, “Jungle Gents” with the name Jett Norman. Later when he was signed by Warner Bros and ABC in the popular series Cheyenne in the role that portrayed Cheyenne Bodie was when he got his popular stage name, Clint Walker. With this role, Clint never looked back in his life and went on to make history.

Clint always gave a touch of glamorous feel in his movies and is considered to be the one who should get credit for taking the craze of public towards the cowboys to a next level with his similar roles. He has starred in numerous television series including the evergreen “Cheyene” as well as “Yuma”, “Killdozer!”, “Scream of the Wolf” and many more. He also played roles in big Hollywood movies with the likes of “The Dirty Dozen”, “The great Bank Robbery”, “Hysterical”, “None but the Brave” and so on. For his huge contribution in the television and movies, he has been starred on “Hollywood Walk of Fame” as well as inducted into the “Hall of Great Western Performers” at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.

Talking about his personal life, Clint has been married thrice and is a father of a daughter named Valerie who went on to become one of the first female pilots. He is currently married to Susan Cavallari with whom he shares his peaceful retirement years. The dreamy prince of every woman in 50s and 60s, Clint still enjoys the sparks and celebrations he gets from his fans and followers and loves giving autographs in different gatherings.

He has been living a lavishing life with his net worth of $4 million that manages to render to all his and his wife’s retirement needs and many more.

Quick Facts about Clint Walker

Full Name: Norman Eugene Walker

Profession: Former actor

Height: 6ft 5 in

Ethnicity: Native America

Nationality: American

Date of Birth: May 30, 1927

Place of Birth: Hartford, Illinois, USA

Marital status: Married to Susan Cavallari

Astrological sign: Gemini

Clint Walker net worth: $4 million