Golden State Warriors Roster Salary

June 7, 2015

American professional basketball team Golden State Warriors are based in Oakland, California and play in the NBA league today.

The Golden State Warriors are also only one of the three charter members alongside Boston Celtics and New Yorks Knicks in the NBA. Having won the first ever championship in 1946-47, the team was relocated to Bay Arena in 1962 where they were named ‘San Francisco Warriors’.

With 18 Hall of Famers and several distinguished NBA players to have made their way as Greatest Players in NBA history, the Warriors side have won three NBA championship in 1947, 1956 and 1975.

The franchise is also considered to be a potential winner at the 2015 NBA Championship. The Warriors spend over $75 million in salary to the rosters.

Golden State Warriors Roster

Here, we breakdown the salary of the Golden State Warriors Rosters.

S.N. Player Name Salary Net Worth Playing Position
1. David Lee $15.4 million $42 million Center
2. Andrew Bogut $12 million $40 million Center
3. Andrew Iguodala $11.7 million $28 million Small Forward
4. Stephen Curry $11.3 million $20 million Point Guard
5. Shaun Livingston $5.5 million $15 million Point Guard
6. Marreese Speights $3.8 million $10 million Center
7. Klay Thompson $15.5 million $40 million Shooting Guard
8. Harrison Barnes $3.8 million $12 million Small Forward
9. Leandro Barbosa $1.4 million $4 million Point Guard
10. Brandon Rush $1.2 million $10 million Small Forward
11. Festus Ezeli $2 million $5 million Center
12. Draymond Green $900 thousand $2 million Power Forward
13. James Michael McMadoo $250 thousand $1 million Power Forward
14. Justin Holiday $1.1 million $10 million Small Forward
15. Ognjen Kuzmic $1.1 million $1.5 million Center

Some facts about the Golden State Warriors roster-

  • Klay Thompson is the highest paid roster in the Golden State Warriors team.
  • David Lee is is the richest basketball player in the squad with a net worth of $42 million.
  • The franchise spends a total of $78.7 million in salary of its rosters.
  • Steve Kerr is the head coach of the team and has a net worth of $18 million.

So, now you have the idea about the salaries of all the rosters playing for Golden State Warriors. Who’s your favorite player?