How Much Do Strippers Make?

July 31, 2015

How much do strippers make?

Well, that depends on who you’re asking the question.

It all comes down to experience, location and beauty, ofcourse. I don’t really have an objection at women working in a strip club, but the clubs that make them work, against their favor-sometimes, gets on my nerve. A couple of coke, beer, vodka or wine of your choice and a girl to play with you for a while at under $100; Yes, that’s what the average strip bars take away from a normal customer.

Strippers salary

That’s a different scenario. Several strip clubs are full with people all the time in some major cities around the world through a week and the bills sometimes stand at over $1000. We really don’t have an actual data on how much are strippers paid, but we surely have a run down at different things. Here it follows…

An Atlanta-based stripper who goes by the name ‘Menagerii’ in Reddit discussed her financial details during her work as a bar dancer and stripper. There’s an interesting fact; Strippers are not paid on hourly rate. Menagerii confirmed that they work on flat rates and take percentage from the tips they get. She was paid a flat fee of $34-50 per DJ shift and had to share 10% of her tips to the club. And, she worked around 6 hours on a shift, but had she worked double, she should have paid twice the flat rate ($70-100) to make double of what she’d want to.

Cutting it short, Menagerri did not work all day, but the day she did, she’d come home with $500-$1500, and that’s a pretty good earning per day, right? She also said that she’s tipped to $400 at max, but the lowest of what she could get in tip can be a dollar..or nothing.

When she worked double shifts, she bagged $3345 on a single night, which she believed was outrageous.

Here are a few things that you’d want to know about strippers, their payments and the strip club industry-

1. Most strippers are not paid to dance. In fact, strippers pay to dance and try to make the money out of it.

2. They are not paid in hours; they’ve a flat rate payment if they are hired as a regular stripper.

3. Most of the money they make come from the tips they receive from customers.

4. Strippers have their own union- The Exotic Dancers Union, or other groups like We are Dancers.

Reliable statistics about strippers’ salaries are a hard thing we can find. However, there are several reports that claim dancers earn somewhere around $70,000 in UK while in New York clubs, they could earn around $1,000 a single day.

After all it’s about how pretty they look and how well they can satisfy the customers! An exclusive one-to-one show or a lap-dance or a private show is what could make them a lot.

Let us know if you have a friend who’s a stripper and have details about her earning. We surely would like to keep up with you in this regard!