How Much Do YouTubers Make?

July 31, 2015

How much do YouTubers make?

Well, that depends on who the YouTuber is, what number of subscribers his/her channel has and who it is targeted to.

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How Much Do Youtubers make?

There’s no specific data that can answer how much money do YouTubers make as they’re paid by Google through Google Adsense firsthand and the data are not public. Also, YouTubers promote several products and have endorsement deals which works pretty well to make some good bucks. There’s a lot of guesswork we need to do to answer this question.

New York Times did a profile check of a Youtuber Olga Kay who vlogs on five different channels and has around 1 million subscribers. She worked as a full-time YouTuber and was able to earn $100,000 to $130,000 per year for three years regularly. This means that she earned around $8.3k – $10.8k per year with 1 million subscribers on her list.

This Youtuber works on atleast 20 videos every week and also does several promotion, advertising, merchandising and sponsorship deals to add to her wealth. Generally, YouTube earnings are based on CPM (Cost Per Million), which is not million in real but a price for 1000 views. The CPM of YouTube videos differ from country to country, however, if it’s country like US, Canada, UK, Australia or some of the developed nations in the world, the CPM rates are somewhere around $5-$10. But, if it’s country in Asia or a developing or a third world nation, the CPM rates in YouTube can go as low as $0.01 per 1000 views.

Also, all of the money made from the CPM does not come in directly. YouTube takes away 45% of the total ad revenue as part of their advertising cost and gives out 55% only.

Again, it’s not just the CPM. YouTubers also earn from CPC (Cost-per-click), meaning- if a viewer lands to a YouTube video and clicks on the ads displayed by Google, the video uploader earns money! The CPC rates also differ according to countries and also on the time of year.

For example, a video on Christmas songs drives a lot of traffic on Youtube during December and January than any month in a year. In that time, the video also receives almost double the clicks on ads, because the ads are generally search-based i.e. a people who’s searching for ‘Christmas’ will get to find similar ads related to Christmas for attraction.

However, the YouTube earning that comes from Google Adsense adds to only a small part of YouTube vloggers earning. They generall make more from sponsorship and merchandise. If you’ve a huge reach, you surely can get to companies related to your niche and land offers that could pay you a lot…literally a lot if you’re famous and have a lot of subscribers.

Most YouTubers dwell on how to get more YouTube subscribers in their channel or how they can increase their views! It also comes down to advertisement unless you’ve something good to offer. Most YouTubers first promote their videos on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter that attracts a lot of visitors. When you’ve a decent fan base, you videos will start to be shared by your viewers and you attract more people.

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So, as we don’t have an actual data to answer you on how much money do YouTubers make, we only can keep you up with a rough calculation.

Here’s how Google calculates your earnings from YouTube:

Total earnings= (Conversion Ratio * Number of Subscribers) * Ad-specific CPC

Yes, that’s what comes down to the number of visitors you video attracts and the number of clicks that you ads receive (considering you don’t have other advertising options out of YouTube).

I’ve known people who’ve been making four figure earning every month from YouTube while there are also people who can take their YouTube earning to around 7 figures per year.

How much have you made from YouTube so far? Let us know in the comments! Also write if you’re interested in making some money from YouTube!