James Rothschild Net Worth

July 10, 2015

James Rothschild net worth: British banker and the heir of the Rothschild family, James Rothschild has a net worth of $60 million (not considering the family’s worth).

James Rothschild net worth

Mr and Mrs Rothschilds at Fool’s Fete 10th Annual Spring Dinner in 2011

Belonging to one of the highly wealthy family in the world, The Rothschild family, James Rothschild is a British banker who came to light after getting married to Nicky Hilton in July 10, 2015.

These two got hitched in possibly one of the most expensive weddings in history; all thanks to Hilton’s family staggering wealth of $900 million and of Rothschilds’ $700 trillion property tied up in their property, banking business, art, wine and charities.

You might as well think that this is going to be a garish affair between these two, but no. The couple seems really sweet, Rothschild is nice and Hilton is cool; what more would these lovebirds need more to take their vows?

Nicky and James first had their interaction at Formula One heiress Petra Ecclestone’s marriage to James Stunt in 2011. The couple instantly hit of sharing their love, horse riding and letting their fans know through social medias. Rothschild knelled before Hilton on a boat on Lake Como and flew to London to ask her parents to get married to their youngest daughter. This seems really sweet, isn’t it?

And, Hilton who was previously in a short-lived marriage to financier Todd Meister seems to be really lucky to have found a man with a good heart and wealth that they could dive in for their life. James may not personally be worth a lot, but this dude’s got a lotta cash, we could not dig into.

Rothschild family’s net is worth valued at $700 trillion, and James does not seem to care much of what the family has. After all, he’s the only living heir to all the property that the family owns.

He recently sold a farm for $25 million in Suffolk, one that belonged to the family for 75 years. And, he currently works as a vice-president at Monument Capital Group LLC in London while Hilton is based in New York to pursue her career as a designer.

Nicky wore a £50,000 couture Valentino wedding gown and an “enormous eight-carat diamond engagement ring, estimated to be worth a cool £1 million. Woot!

And, Paris Hilton! Yeah! She’s the bridesmaid (again) who seems really happy for her li’l sister.

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