Jon Stretton Knowles Net Worth

September 12, 2015

Jon Stretton Knowles net worth: English businessman, entrepreneur and self made millionaire, Jon Stretton Knowles has a net worth of $30 million.

Jon Stretton Knowles net worth

Jon Stretton Knowles is an English businessman and entrepreneur who is filthy rich and also features for Life On Marbs on ITV. A self-made millionaire, Knowles currently resides in UK, Dubai and Spain. He sold off his Portsmouth and Havant energy and telecommunications company and moved to Spain where he lives with two little girls and is still unmarried.

Knowles runs his own country club and some properties that make him money. He is also spending frenzy and clears his vault in crazy night outs. From spending £50,000 a pop at Ocean Club to £85,000 at Cannes, Stretton has admitted spending £450,000 in a week, during which he bought two Ferraris. He also rides a Range Rover, and is looking forward to getting a new Mercedes.

Having retired already at the age of 33, Knowles features as a television personality in ITV show Life on Marbs where he appears alongside glamour models and rich hunks. There were not much of personal details we could dig into the life of Knowles, but he’s a bachelor, with a capital B.

Considering his lavish lifestyle, Jon Stretton Knowles should have an estimated net worth of around $30 million.

Jon Stretton Knowles net worth: $30 million