Jonathan and Drew Scott Net Worth

May 10, 2015

Jonathan and Drew Scott, two Canadian siblings together known as the Scott Brothers have a net worth of $10 million.

Jonathan and Drew Scott Net Worth

The Scott brothers are one of the best known businessmen in Canada for they have brought a lot of fortune in their family through their business. Jonathan Scott is a licensed contractor while Drew Scott is a real estate agent and they have been working right when they were 16 years old.

Having managed real estate business since over 15 years, the Scott Brothers founded Scott Real Estate, Inc., and have been working internationally with their offices in Las Vegas, Vancouver and Calgary. According to the Scott Brothers, they started working in the real estate when they were teenagers. They evaluated houses and started buying and renovating them to make sales and earn profit.

Jonathan and Drew Scott brought their first home when they were just 18 and after a year, they sold it for a profit of $50,000 with small renovations which also helped them to complete their education and university degree.

Before getting in to business, the Scott Brothers had opted to try acting career and had made appearance in the Canadian show Breaker High. These siblings also performed improvisational comedy but they made a way back to the construction and design career of real estate. With their passion in acting, they took their business to television as ‘Property Brothers’ which is currently one of the most watched shows in Canada.

Though not coming from elite family, the Scott brothers turned their business to fortunes after getting their real estate license as agents.Jonathan and Drew’s net worth also comes from a¬†production company with their older brother called, Dividian Production Group.¬†Both of them currently live in Las Vegas and run their business.

Jonathan and Drew Scott’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million as of today.

Jonathan and Drew Scott Net Worth: $10 million