Kylie Jenner to be Paid ‘Over $100k’ for 18th Birthday Nude

July 31, 2015

It’s official! Kylie Jenner is turning 18 next week and she’s to hit the next big milestone of her life- become legal! The youngest member of the Kardashian family will ring in her 18th birthday on August 10, 2015.

Kylie Jenner go nude on 18th birthday

Annndddd… officially getting 18 would mean she’ll be legal to drink in countries…like Canada, ofcourse. This teen heartthrob is set to celebrate her 18th birthday in Montreal, Canada and will be receiving a fee ‘over $100,000′ on her birthday bash. She is set to celebrate her birthday at the Beachclub Montreal, where a lot of DJs, singers and models will get boozed out.

And, what not? She’s got so much changes on her appearance, including her lips and breasts of course. We’ still don’t know if they are implants but it has pretty changed from B to the D cup. Everyone is surely wondering how to get bigger boobs naturally like Kylie, right? I know you surely do.

There are also rumors that Kylie will fly on a helicopter to Canada, aboard on a luxury boat and dock next to the table that’ll be flooded by drinks. The club owner Olivier Primeau is set to perform all of his duties for her birthday to be a next-big-thing in her life.

Kylie Jenner’s birthday cake is also estimated at $3,000 and party-goers will need to spend a hefty $40 to $150 to attend the event, which is not open for all, again!

Unlike her 17th birthday that was celebrated among the likes of A-list stars like, her sister Kendall, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and Tyga at a LA club, she’s set to go large for her 18th.

Kylie has also announced plans that she’ll be taking her girlfriend and travel at places as she gets legal age to do so. She’s still set to reveal her plans for her 18th birthday and we probably can guess if she’s going to get nude!

Yes. There are several magazines and entertainment-based companies waiting to lock her first nude on their camera.

All we can do now is count….1…2….3….until she goes bang on the 10th!