Top 10 Richest Female Porn Stars in the World

July 4, 2015

When it comes to adult movies, beautiful girls shoving their body on top of man is what comes in our mind. Yes, these actresses flaunt their beautiful bodies and are their videos are embodied on secret hidden folders of our computers at some point in life. They are loved, and with their act, they garner a lot of wealth, publicity and fame. These stars who start a career in the porn industry have also made transitions in the mainstream media and have become a household name because of their x-rated status.

The adult movie industry is one of the fastest growing industry in the world with an yearly revenue of around $15 billion. Though the richest male porn stars are paid less, a woman can make $500-$1,500 per scene depending upon the complexity and nature of the video. There are reports valuating the earning of an average female adult performer to around $40,000 a year. That’s huge for just getting penetrated and having all the fun, right?

So, sit back, relax and browse through the list of the 10 richest female porn stars in the world.

10. Sunny Leone, Net Worth- $2.5 million

Sunny Leone Net Worth

Indo-Canadian adult actress Sunny Leone is one of the most followed star in the industry. Having started her career as a model, she transitioned into porn while also developing a career as an actress in Bollywood and a business woman. She started acting in the adult movie industry in 2009 and did acts with her boyfriend only before having a break-up. However, she opened up and started acting with other male performers before calling it quits to join the Bollywood industry.

She is married with Daniel Weber and has a studio named Sunlust Productions that has helped her net worth grow to $2.5 million today.

9. Sasha Grey, Net Worth- $3 million

Sasha Grey net worth

Sasha Grey is among the most popular female adult performers in the world. Starting a career as a model, Sasha is best known for her beautiful looks which even got her to the mainstream movies. A fashion model who’ve been active in television, Sasha has acted for some of the best selling movies in the adult film industry that has grown her net worth to $3 million today.

8. Jenna Haze, Net Worth- $3.5 Million

Jenna Haze net worth

If you see anyone dirty on screen and don’t know her name, she’s probably Jenna Haze. This self proclaimed ‘dirty girl’ has been known for her diverse acting roles where she gets involved with number of men and women. An open minded star in the making, she joined the industry after her 19th birthday and has directed 14 movies after¬†retiring from acting. She also has her own production company ‘Jennaration X Studios’ and makes her fortunes through the sales of sex-toys as well.

As of now, she stands straight with a net worth of $3.5 million.

7. Katie Morgan, Net Worth- $4.5 million

Katie Morgan net worth

Katie Morgan has also retired from the adult entertainment industry.¬†Having started her career as a radio-talk show host and feature dancer, Morgan featured for several HBO movies including a documentary about herself entitled ‘Katie Morgan: A Porn Star Revealed’. After getting married, she announced her departure from the industry leaving her name behind that she made from shows like ‘Having Sex, With Katie Morgan’, ‘The Sex Show’ etc.

Morgan is the seventh richest female adult performer in the world with a net worth of $4.5 million.

6. Bree Olson, Net Worth- $5 million

Bree Olson net worth

If there’s someone that has dominated the porn industry for long, that’s Bree Olson. This sixth richest female porn star in the world has got toys modeled after her. This Texas born star has featured in several music videos, magazine covers and television programs. She also appeared nude for Hustler and was a Pet of the month at Penthouse.

She also came to lime-light while she dated and was in a live-in relationship with Charlie Sheen. With a staggering net worth of $5 million, she departed from the industry to pursue her acting career in the mainstream movies.

5. Maria Takagi, Net Worth- $5 million

Maria Takagi net worth

When I’m asked about Japanese adult actresses, Maria Takagi first hits my brain. She’s not active in the adult movie industry now, but I tell you, she was really good back then. Having started her career as a model and mainstream actress, she featured on several photobook and gave nude photoshoot. She then started performing for erotic drama before debuting in ‘Super-Star’. Just in a year, she bagged five awards for the best actress.

She did not stay long in the industry and worked for only 15 video-series but that made her fortune stand at $5 million today.

4. Traci Lords, Net Worth- $7 million

Traci Lords net worth

You might never had heard of Traci Lords working in the adult entertainment industry. Neither did I. I knew her as a singer, model and writer, but when I dug into her personal life, I found her getting involved and acting as an underage performer. Starting a career as a nude model at 15, Lords featured in several illegal movies and was most sought after actress in the 80s. Her videos cost millions to the adult movie industry and her scandals made newspaper headlines.

However, Traci Lords departed to join the mainstream media and currently enjoys her life with a net worth of $7 million.

3. Jesse Jane, Net Worth- $8 million

Jesse Jane net worth

Like it or not, but Jesse Jane is my favorite not just for her wealth that stands at $8 million, but for her bulk work. Damn girl! She never gets tired. Jesse Jane is considered one of the most lucrative female porn stars in the world who rose to fame quickly. Known for her roles in the ‘Pirates’ series, Jane has performed in hundreds of movies making a name for herself.

Talking about her personal life, she’s happily married and has a son while also has a tequila brand that’s adding flavor to her adult movie career.

2. Tera Patrick, Net Worth- $15 million

Tera Patrick net worth

Generally, men prefer blondes over brunette, but that does not make Tera Patrick out from the list. A model, talent agent and author, Tera Patrick is one of the most beautiful actress in the adult entertainment industry and has turned her acting career to a multi-million empire. A nurse and microbiologist by educational degree, Tera features in similar roles on her acts. After all, nurses take care of patients and we all are one of them.

Smart and sexy, Patrick also has her own production company ‘Teravision’ from which she’s been able to garner a net worth of $15 million today.

1. Jenna Jameson, Net Worth- $30 million

Jenna Jameson net worth

A household name in the adult movie industry and often referred to as ‘Queen of Porn’, Jenna Jameson might not be seen active in the adult world today. But, she surely is the richest female porn star in the world. Jameson has a whopping net worth of $30 million and most of her wealth came through her acts and sex-toy business. She also sold her website ClubJenna to Playboy in 2006 that added more to her bank vault.

A star in making, Jameson has also been able to keep her public status in the lime light by marrying Chuck Liddell, ex-UFC Champion. And, who does not know Jenna? Maybe, she’s one of the first female stars you ever fell in love with!

Judging the thickness of a female wallet is surely a hard thing to do. But, when it comes to these female porn stars and their wealth in millions, it surely is tempting to write about their net worth. Whatever it be, these female performers have made a name for themselves and have been growing their business ventures with the fame they gained for their acts.

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