Robert Kraft Net Worth

September 24, 2015

Robert Kraft net worth: American business magnate and the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Kraft Group, Robert Kraft has a net worth of $4.3 billion.

Robert Kraft net worth

Robert Kenneth Kraft is a famous American business magnate who is best known for being the chairman and CEO of “The Kraft Group” which is a holding company. The domineering face of one of the biggest holding companies in the world, Robert Kraft has already made into the list of billionaires as listed by Forbes magazine.

Born on June 5, 1941 in Brookline, Massachusetts, he has graduated from Brookline High School. Later, he earned a scholarship to attend Colombia University, and after graduating from there, he attained an MBA from the reputable, Harvard Business School. A bright student from his childhood, Kraft was also a bit inclined towards politics but due to some circumstances he did not take the road towards a political career and landed up being a businessman.

Kraft initiated his business career by working with Rand-Whitney Group, where he still serves as the chairman. Being very keen towards investing and after his first company entitled “International Forest Products” went on to become very successful in the business market, Kraft founded “Kraft Group” in 1998. The group was formed as an umbrella for all the investments done in different sectors. As of now, Kraft Group has been dealing paper and packaging business, sports and entertainment business as well as real estate.

Robert Kraft became even more popular as a businessman when he invested in NFL’s team “new England Patriots”. Their holing in this team has been paying off in millions for the group as of now. Robert’s journey towards his net worth counting in billion has also been contributed by Group’s investment in Major League Soccer’s team “New England Revolution”. Due to his unimaginably fruitful business decisions, Robert now stands as a business tycoon of America and positions himself amongst the richest people in the whole world.

Robert has been living with a sad truth in his life after his wife’s death in 2011. A father of four children now lives as a widower. Nevertheless, Kraft has been noted for easing the less fortunate with his philanthropic and charitable works and works specifically for child and women issues as well as healthcare. For now, Robert has been enjoying a net worth of $4.3 billion.

Quick Facts about Robert Kraft

Full Name: Robert Kenneth Kraft

Profession: Businessman

Ethnicity: Jewish, American

Nationality: American

Date of Birth: June 5, 1941

Place of Birth: Brookline, Massachusetts, USA

Education: Harvard Business School

Marital status: Widower

Astrological sign: Gemini

Robert Kraft net worth: $4.3 billion