Steve Ballmer Net Worth

September 17, 2015

Steve Ballmer net worth: American businessman, former CEO of Microsoft and the current owner of Los Angeles Clippers, Steve Ballmer has a net worth of $22.9 billion.

Steve Ballmer net worth

Steve Anthony Ballmer is a widely known American businessman who is best known for being the former CEO of Microsoft. Currently, the owner of NBA team “Los Angeles Clippers”, Steve served as the CEO of Microsoft for fourteen years. As he stepped down from his position in Microsoft in 2014, he bought “Los Angeles Clippers” at the end of 2014 itself.

Born on March 24th, 1956 in Detroit, Michigan, USA, he was born to father who was a manager at Ford Motor Company. Steve was born to an affluent family with a Swiss and Jewish descent. After graduating from “Detroit Country Day School”, he went on to get a National Merit Scholarship which helped him graduate from “Harvard College”.

Steve attended Harvard at the same time as Bill Gates. Later, Steve joined Stanford Graduate School of Business but left before graduating to join Microsoft in 1980. As he joined Microsoft, he was the thirtieth employee of the company and was the first business manager chosen directly by Bill gates. At this point of time, Steve’s net worth began to rise like anything.

Eventually, Steve became the CEO of Microsoft in 2000 and was regarded the second person of the company next to Bill Gates. For his involvement in Microsoft he initially had the hold of 8% of company’s ownership but as he sold some parts of it in 2004, he is now left with only 4%. Ballmer retired from Microsoft in 2014 and also let go of his place in Board of Directors in order to focus more towards NBA. Later, he bought “Los Angeles Clippers” in the sum of $2 billion.

Ballmer is one of the few people in technology industry who thrived to become a billionaire. Most of his net worth being amassed by his involvement in “Microsoft”, he has also been earning a lot being the owner of “Los Angeles Clippers”. As for his personal life, he is married to Connie Snyder and is the father of three sons. The family has been living in Hunts Point, Washington where his daily luxury is afforded by his present net worth of $22.8 billion as reported by “Forbes”.

Quick Facts about Steve Ballmer

Full Name: Steven Anthony Ballmer

Profession: Businessman, former CEO of Microsoft

Height: 6ft 5 in

Ethnicity: Swiss, Jewish

Nationality: American

Date of Birth: March 24, 1956

Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan

Education:  Harvard University

Marital status: Married to Connie Snyder

Astrological sign: Aries

Steve Ballmer net worth: $22.9 billion