Tank Net Worth

August 24, 2015

Tank has net worth:American R&B singer, songwriter and producer Durrell Babbs, better known as Tank has a net worth of $5 million.

Tank net worth

Durell Babbs is an American singer and rapper with an African American decent who has been prominent in the music industry of America for more than a decade and is widely known by his stage name, “Tank”. Tank claimed to fame from his first album named “Force of Nature” which contained the R&B Top Ten single of the name, “May I Deserve”.

Tank has released five studio albums till date and has collaborated with many major singers like Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes, Kris Stephens and many more. This has given him stability and popularity in the American music industry as a singer, songwriter and producer.

Tank was born was born as Durrell Babbs on January 1, 1976 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but was raised in Washington D.C. Tank enjoyed music as well as athletics when he was young and played football at Crossland High School, from where he graduated. Given his exceptional talent in football, Tank was offered a scholarship to a college with an offer to play football for the college team, but he decided not to get professional in football and rather chose to focus on his musical career.

This leap turned Tank’s life upside down and within months, he was chosen to become a background singer for the band, Dinuwine in their tours. Following his experience in the tour, combined to his talent and passion for music, Tank debuted with the album “Force of Nature” which became an instant hit. The album was gold certified by RIAA and provided him with a break to become a popular face in music industry. Since then, Tank has never looked back in his life and has managed to get more and more success with the string of albums he released afterwards.

Tank has amassed a lot of wealth from his R$B albums and widely selling singles such as “Maybe I deserve”, “One Man”, “I Love Dem Girls” and many more. Other than his singing career, what adds the most to his net worth is his involvement as a songwriter and producer. He has written songs and produced records for many celebrities including Beyonce, Aaliyah, Jamie Foxx and Pitbull among others. Apart from his prominence in music field, he has also shown appearances as an actor in movies like “Dreamgirls”, “Preacher’s Kid” and “It Ain’t Easy”.

Talking about his personal life, Tank has been in a long term on and off relationship with his girlfriend, Zena Foster. He is also a proud father of five children and a protective boyfriend to Zena. This trait was proved y his recent scandalous news that he got into a fight with a fan when he disrespected Zena.

As of now, Tank has been enjoying his fabulous life as a father, a boyfriend and a celebrated singer who lives quite a lavishing life. He has reportedly accumulated a net worth amounting to $5 million in 2015 that makes him a multi-millionaire R&B singer of American Music Industry. With many ventures and projects in his hands, his net worth has been skyrocketing in the recent times, accompanied by his success as a talented singer.

Quick Facts about Tank

Full Name: Durell Babbs

Profession: Singer, record producer, songwriter

Height: 1.75m

Weight: 79 kg

Ethnicity: African American

Nationality: American

Date of Birth: January 1, 1976

Place of Birth: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Marital status: In a relationship with Zena Foster

Astrological sign: Capricorn

Tank has net worth:$5 million