Tiger Woods Net Worth

July 9, 2015

Tiger Woods net worth: American professional golfer and considered one of the best in the game, Tiger Woods has a net worth of $600 million.

Tiger Woods net worth

One of the most successful sportsmen in the world, Tiger woods is a Golf veteran who has won numerous championships with his skillful talents and wisdom in the sport. Tiger was born as Eldrick Tont Woods on December 30, 1975 in Cypress, California and has been the dominant personality in the sports of golf for many years.

Tiger started his golf career in 1996 at the age of twenty and reached the number one position in world rankings in less than a year. He remained at the rank for a total of 553 weeks in his golf career till now stepping down at some points of time. Tiger started to bag a lot of money for his games after he pocketed $486,000 from his first major win in 1997 Masters.

He has been one of the highest paid athletes in the world for many years as he has already banked more than one billion dollars in his career as a professional golfer. Woods has managed to earn a high-profile life with all the vigor and smarts in his sport. The man credited for the redefinition of golf, Tiger has won several prestigious awards like Vardon Trophy, Byron Nelson Award, PGA Player of the year for nine years and so on.

Woods has played in major championships from the starting year of his professional career till today and has won fourteen of them. With personal troubles, Tiger lost his unquestionable top hundreds’ rank in this year as he remains at number 104 in the ranking in 2015.

Tiger is a man with lavishing interests and there is nothing that Woods can’t buy in the world. He has a number of multimillion dollar mansions in different posh areas of USA and most of them come with private golf fields. He indulges himself in hobbies like fishing when he’s not playing golf and owns two yachts, one of which is the most expensive celebrity yacht.

Adding on to his material riches, he has a great collection of luxury cars including Porsche, Cadillac, Lexus etc. On top of it, Woods has his own private jet. There’s just nothing that Tiger Woods does not have! With his annual salary of $50 to $60 million, these assets don’t sound too much to ask.

As a recent divorcee, Tiger enjoys his single life with his two children that he shares with his ex-wife, Elin Noldregen. He has a net worth of $600 million as of July, 2015.

Quick Facts about Tiger Woods

Full Name: Eldric Tont Woods

Profession: Professional Golfer

Height: 6ft 1in

Weight: 84 kg

Ethnicity: African American

Nationality: American

Date of Birth: December 30, 1975

Place of Birth: Cypress, California

Education:  Stanford University

Marital status: Divorcee ( Elin Noldregen)

Astrological sign: Capricorn

Tiger Woods Net Worth: $600 million