Top 10 Most Valuable Football Players in 2015

June 8, 2015

Ever wondered who is the most valuable football player in the world? Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as the first and second is what you may have thought. But, the CIES Football Observatory has released their latest findings for 2015 and there are some alterations made.

Premier League is called overrated while La Liga suits to be called as the best league in the world. Really? The report says different. Five of the top 10 most valuable players in the world play in the Premier League today.

The best surprise for you is Eden Hazard is ranked higher than Cristiano Ronaldo. And, why should not he? Forget the goal tallies players make in La Liga, Hazard single-handedly lead the Chelsea side to Premier League title this season. Six years younger, better abilities and possibly the best European target for any club, Eden Hazard is a magician in the domestic league in England. Six years younger than Ronaldo and he’s already better in the ranks.

Eden Hazard

Here are the top 10 most valuable football players in 2015.

Rank Player Name Current Club Market Value  Age
1. Lionel Messi Barcelona €280 million 27
2. Eden Hazard Chelsea €148.9 million 24
3. Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid €124.7 million 30
4. Neymar Jr. Barcelona €98.5 million 23
5. Sergio Aguero Manchester City €86 million 27
6. Raheem Sterling Liverpool €81 million 20
7. Paul Pogba Juventus €77.3 million 22
8. Diego Costa Chelsea €76.9 million 26
9. Alexis Sanchez Arsenal €74.6 million 26
10. James Rodriguez Real Madrid €68.8 million 23

The research is done by CIES Football Observatory, an academic research group based in Switzerland. Eden Hazard, who won his first premier league title and grabbed the Premier League’s Player of the Year award has been a sensation in England. His current contract for five-years pays him £57m.

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The research is said to have been done on econometric algorithm taking accounts of performance, age, position, contract duration and the achievement the club made in 2015.

Chelsea boasts to be the best club in England today with five players in the world’s top 20 valuable players list. Cesc Fabregas, Thibaut Courtois, and Oscar all feature in the top 20 while rest five players make their way in the top 100 list.

The research also ranked Barcelona as the world’s most valuable club in 2015 with Chelsea, Real Madrid and Arsenal closely following.