Top 10 Richest Transgender Celebrities

June 16, 2015

You might be born either male or female by birth but your sexual orientation and gender can be different. Gender transformation is one of the most talked about topic in the world today. There are several advocates who talk freely on this matter and ask people to be open about it. Because of such open-mindedness, transgenders who come out in public are considered as influential and strong people in the world today.

Not only do they feature on television shows, public speaking, movies or on media, they also make money with their popularity. However, celebrities who come out to reveal their true gender status find it easy to increase their fame.┬áSome of the transgender celebrities in this list haven’t changed their looks at all, some have gone through surgery while few have completely transformed to what their inner-self is.

Here we list the top 10 richest transgender celebrities in the world today.

10. Chaz Bono, Net Worth- $500,000

Chaz Bono net worth

Born Chastity Sun Bono to parent Sonny and Cher, Chaz Bono was identified as a lesbian before his gender transformation in 2008. With hefty inheritance from parents, Chaz Bono’s net worth stands at $500,000 making him one of the richest transgender celebrities in the world. He believes that his gender transformation has helped to connect with the LGBT society which made him a social activist and other. He also rose to fame after participating in the show ‘Dancing With the Stars’.

9. Kellie Maloney, Net Worth- $600,000

Kellie Maloney net worth

Former boxing promoter Frank Maloney who worked with Lennox Lewis has three kids from two marriages. However, Maloney announced her plans to undergo a gender transformation and changed her name to Kellie Maloney. Despite criticizing the gay-society back in 2004, Maloney accepted her mistake after opening up about her life. Kellie Maloney’s net worth stands at $600,000 today.

8. Amanda Lepore, Net Worth- $1.7 million

Amanda Lepore net worth

Born a male, Amanda Lepore is an artist, singer and model who knew about her bodily differences while she was a child. One of the youngest celebrities to undergo gender transformation at 19, Lepore has worked hard to reveal her true identity with several facial and ribs surgery. Her trans-sexuality made headlines in the newspapers and she became famous overnight to go on and increase her net worth to $1.7 million.

7. Carmen Carrera, Net Worth- $2 million

Carmen Carrera net worth

Born male as Christopher Roman, Carmen Carrera is known as an actress model and burlesque performer today with a net worth of $2 million. Carmen underwent surgery completely and transformed herself to a female look while her family already knew about her identity while she was a child. She has over 90,000 followers on twitter and around 500,000 likes on her facebook page. Carrera is best known today for her performance on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’.

6. Laverne Cox, Net Worth- $2 million

Laverne Cox net worth

A role model in the transgender society, Laverne Cox is the first ever transgender celebrity to be nominated for an Emmy Award. Best known today as an admirable actress, she appeared on several music videos and covers of different magazine. A public speaker as well, Laverne Cox earns her fortunes through the entertainment industry and has a net worth of $2 million.

5. Conchita Wurst, Net Worth- $3 million

Conchita Wurst net worth

A musical artist known as Thomas Neuwirth previously, Conchita Worst is a pop artist and drag queen today. With interests in modeling since teenage, Wurst dressed like female and has not underwent any gender transformation procedures. However, Wurst has been identified as both male and female and who’d not be jealous with those hair? Wurst also has a net worth of $3 million as of today.

4. Laura Jane Grace, Net Worth- $5 million

Laura Jane Grace net worth

Formerly known as Thomas James Gabel, the lead singer of punk rock band Against Me!, Laura Jane Grance opened up about her sexuality in 2012. Despite having a child, she decided to undergo a gender transformation and has also produced an album ‘Transgender Dysphoria Blues’ relating to her sexuality. Her net worth stands at $5 million today.

3. Caitlyn Jenner, Net Worth- $100 million

Caitlyn Jenner first look

The Olympic medal winner from United States, Bruce Jenner performed gender transformation to Caitlyn Jenner in 2015. Known for the most popular television show ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’, Caitlyn has been one of the most popular transgender celebrity in the world today. With an estimated net worth of $100 million, she is believed to gross more to around $500 million in few years now through her public speeches, books, television shows and more.

2. Martine Rothblatt, Net Worth- $390 million

Martine Rothblatt net worth

Also the highest paid female CEO in the world, making over $39 million in salary, Martine Rothblatt had five children before undergoing a gender transformation. She currently runs United Therapeutics Corp, that provides medial needs to people in the country while she also advocates on transgender issues. With a net worth of $390 million today, she also makes her fortunes as an author and lawyer.

1. Jennifer Pritzker, Net Worth- $1.79 billion

Jennifer Pritzker net worth

The first transgender celebrity who became a billionaire, Jennifer Pritzker has a net worth of $1.79 billion. The founder of Pritzker Military Library, Jennifer belongs to one of the richest families in USA and is also a retired colonel. She was identified as a female after having three children and a divorce in 2003.

The issues related to gender transformation and sexuality are open today while most nations ask their people to come up with their true identity. Despite facing several challenges in the society, these transgender celebrities have become a role model and have been able to turn their lives to something better.

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