Young Thug Net Worth

May 7, 2015

Jeffrey Williams, American rapper best known by his stage name Young Thug has a net worth of $500 thousand.

Young Thug

Born on August 9, 1992 in Atlanta, Georgia, Jeffrey Williams a.k.a Young Thug released his first mixtape series I Came From Nothing at three different times during 2011 and 2012 which grabbed quick attention among youngsters. He was then spotted by Gucci Mane who signed Thug for his label 1017 Brick Squad Records in 2013.

Young Thug’s net worth started flowing in after he started working with Mane on his fourth mixtape 1017 Thug that received accolades such as the best mixtape of 2013 by FACT, and Honorable mention in Pitfork’s Albums of the Year while the album was also in the list of the best five mixtapes of 2013 by Rolling Stones and The Guardian. His song “Picacho” was also an stand out track in 2013 which grabbed a lot of sales and increasing Thug’s net worth.

Young Thug has been a notable rapper for a couple of times, one including being in the list of the 25 New Rappers to Watch out for in 2013 by Complex. His songs like Stoner and Danny Glover have spawned several remixes by rappers and singers like Wale, Jim Jones, Nicki Minaj, etc. making him one of the standout rapper in the music industry.

Thug was offered over a million to sign for the Freebandz record label while he was also linked to be signed by the Cash Money Records’s CEO Birdman. Young Thug has been involved with Kanye West for a number of songs while he considers Lil Wayne to be his greatest influence.

Despite bagging dollars through his mixtapes, Young Thug has been involved in several controversies, one with the tribute to Lil Wayne through his new album during which Wayne denied his audience to stop listening to Thug. He also has been involved in several legal issues and have been jailed a couple of times.

Young Thug has been involved in relationship with Jerrika Karlae, his long time girlfriend which he confessed right after releasing his mixtape Barter 6 in April, 2015. Young Thug’s net worth is estimated to be $500 thousand as of today.

Quick Facts about Young Thug

Full Name: Jefrrey Williams

Profession: Rapper

Height: 1.90 m

Ethnicity: African

Nationality: American

Date of Birth: August 9, 1992

Place of Birth: Atlanta, Georgia

Marital status: Single

Young Thug Zodiac/Astrological sign: Leo

Young Thug Net Worth: $200 thousand