Jim Skrip net worth: Former American accountant, who got married to Vanessa Williams in 2015, Jim Skrip has a net worth of $10 million.

A man who came to limelight out of nowhere, Jim Skrip is a former accountant and husband of Vanessa Williams.

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The couple took their vows on 4th of July, 2015. It wasn’t first marriage for Williams either and she has married twice already before marrying him.

Jim Skrip Bio

Skrip is known as for his services in the series “Desperate Housewives”

Mother of his wife Vanessa Williams spent her childhood in Buffalo to which Skrip has got close connections. We believe, this is why the relation turned out to work well in no time. Jim Skrip lives in Depew, New York and is also a St. Bonaventure graduate.

Jim Skrip Wife/Married

The couple first met in Egypt back in 2012 when Williams was on vacation; thanks to the Sabre shirt Skrip was wearing which caught Vanessa’s eyes.

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Skrip has Mexican origins and maybe, this is why the two did not have enough problem to get into a relationship.

While on a cruise trip to Egypt. The two began conversing after Williams, noticed Skrip’s Sabres shirt, asked if he was from her mother’s hometown, Buffalo.

Soon after, sparks flew between them and the two developed feelings for each other while engaging in a three-hour long conversation sharing about each other’s life.

Jim Skrip net worth

They started dating from late 2012 and after two years of sharing love, they got engaged in 2014.

The news about Vanessa’s engagement was announced first on The Queen Latifah show where she made it clear by showing a ring on her hand.

Vanessa had already been married twice before and has three children with her first husband Ramon Hervey and a daughter with Rick Fox, her second husband. With Ramon Harvey II, She is a parent of two daughters Melanie and Jillian, and son Devin. With Rick Fox, she has a daughter, Sasha.

Jim Skrip Wedding

Vanessa had expressed her undying love for her Skrip on many platforms, had no problems when she walked down the aisle to say ‘I do’.

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Their marriage took place on 4th July 2015 on Independence Day in the company of their family and friends.

The wedding was a lavish affair with Williams donning two stunning Carmen Marc Valvo’s custom designs, both made to reflect the ideology of an Egyptian Goddess.

Vanessa had opened up about meeting Jim in Egypt in an interview with Madame Noire.

“You never know what you’ll find and where you’ll find it,” she said. “I was on vacation with my daughter going to Egypt, cruising on the Nile. I wasn’t looking for anything. I’d been alone for a number of years and divorced for 10 years at that time.”

“[Jim] accepted me for who I was after a wonderful first three-hour date of talking about ourselves,” she added. “We found out we had a lot of things in common.”

Vanessa Williams

Vanessa Williams an American singer, actress, and producer is a multi-Grammy, Emmy and Tony Award nominee and is known for her Broadway music as well.

Williams was born in the year 1963 in New York and she had got her degree in music from the University of Syracuse. She had won the title of miss Syracuse and from there proceeded to become Miss America.

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The former beauty queen is the first ever African American to be crowned the Miss America title. She is beautiful and she stands at height of five feet and six inches.

She was also the Miss America of the year 1984, but she had to give back her crown post a nude photo shoot scandal.

Jim Skrip Net worth

Jim Skrip Net Worth -The couple now share a total net worth of around $40 million, with Vanessa’s $30 million added to Skrip’s $10 million. Reports say that Skrip has an annual earning of $3 million.

Despite having an impressive net worth of $9 Million, his popularity started to boost up recently, drawing the attention of many to the power couple.

In 2013, Skrip Jim Skrip net worth was at $6 million and in 2014, it rose to $10 million.

We wish Vanessa will be holding on to this relationship for the rest of her life, being her third marriage.