John Oliver Net Worth: The famous British comedian, actor, screenwriter, Television host and producer John Oliver has a net worth of $5 million as of 2017.

Early Life: Education And Career

Born John William Oliver on April 23, 1977, in Erdington, West Midlands, England to Jim Oliver and Carole Oliver. His father worked as both a school headmaster and social worker while his mother worked as a music teacher. Both his parents were originally from Liverpool, Merseyside.

Oliver studied in Bedford at the Mark Rutherford School as a youngster. He also graduated from Christ’s College in Cambridge where he obtained a degree in English in 1998. While in college, he served as Vice-President of the famed amateur theater troupe, the Cambridge Footlights.

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john oliver net worth

John Oliver’s Professional Career

After his graduation, John came into the spotlight while appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2001. He was part of The Comedy Zone. From there, he went on to perform solo shows at the festival, and in a double act called, “Political Animal”.

As time went on, he performed his debut solo show in 2002 and returned in 2003. In 2004 and 2005, he collaborated with Andy Zaltzman on a double act and co-hosting “Political Animal”.

He was brought to the attention of Jon Stewart by British comedian and actor, Ricky Gervais, and joined the cast of “The Daily Show” in 2006. After moving to New York City for The Daily Show, Oliver began performing stand-up in small clubs around the city and later headlined shows in larger venues. Oliver’s first stand-up special titled John Oliver: Terrifying Times debuted on Comedy Central in 2008.

Since then, he has won three Emmy Awards for his writing work for the show, and he began guest-hosting the popular program in 2013. He also co-hosts the podcast, “The Bugle”, in addition to his work on “The Daily Show”. In 2014, John Oliver was hired away from Comedy Central to host his very own show called “Last Week Tonight” on HBO.

His work on the show led to John Oliver being named on the list of Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People” in 2015. He also won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Interactive Program for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver in the same year.

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john oliver net worth

Pranks on New York Yankees

The New York Yankees is an American professional baseball team based in the New York City borough of the Bronx. Apparently, the comedian John Oliver is so talented that he utilizes every opportunity. Just recently he pulled off a prank to protest the team’s new and more stringent policy that will largely serve to shut the average fan out of premium seating in Yankee Stadium during baseball games.

A game they say recognize another game. Not only did he stick to it and win but he also got an applause for doing so from the Yankees. The Yankees manager, however, said that everyone is welcome at the Yankees Stadium

john oliver

His Take on Trump

“Donald Trump” is a segment of the HBO news satire series, just recently, tonight with John Oliver devoted to Donald Trump who is the president of the US. On this 22-minute segment, comedian John Oliver discusses everything about trump including his decisions, controversies, and criticisms.

While Oliver bemoans the amount of attention that he has spent on Trump, “His presidency is like one of his handshakes, it pulls you in whether you want it or not.” In his look back over at Trump’s first year in office, Oliver looks at the norms that Trump has broken like never releasing his tax returns, hiring his daughter and son-in-law to work in the White House, and never putting his companies in a blind trust as well as his transcripts.

While those broken norms are frustrating, according to Oliver, there are three things that Trump does that could permanently harm American politics. He undermined the media by crying “fake news” and governs by trolling. According to Oliver, Trump also uses “whataboutism” or the practice of changing the subject to someone else’s perceived wrongdoing. Oliver describes such as an “old Soviet propaganda tool” of creating false moral equivalency.

“There is nothing new about any of these techniques, but they are now coming out of the Oval Office,” explains Oliver, who notes that these changes are insidious and hard to notice, like being “murdered by a sloth—it happens very slowly and you might not notice until it’s too late.”

According to Oliver, “The Trump presidency is basically a marathon. Painful, pointless, and the majority of you didn’t agree to run but were signed up by your dumbest friend.”

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john oliver net worth

John Oliver’s Church

The Amercian Satirist and comedian John Oliver legally established a church called “Our Lady of perpetual Exemption” in the United States. According to him, the purpose of the church was to expose and ridicule televangelists like Robert Tilton and Creflo Dollar. These are men who preach the “prosperity gospel” as a way to defraud individuals of their money.

Also, to draw attention to the tax-exempt status given to churches and charities with little government oversight. he formally announced the formation of the church on August 16, 2015, during the 22-minute segment on his show Last Week Tonight.

However, the church was shut down after his announcement on his late night show on September 13, 2015, and all the donations were forwarded to Doctors without borders.

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John Oliver net worth

Personal Life: Children, Wife, and Wedding

John Oliver’s personal life has been a wonderful one, he currently lives in New York City with his family. He found love in the unlikeliest of places, at the 2008 Republican National Convention.

At the time, comedian John Oliver was two years into his career as Senior British Correspondent for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. As a covert operative for the liberal elite, Oliver was working behind enemy lines at the RNC. When convention security chased after him for entering into a restricted area Oliver, who was still on a temporary work visa, found himself at risk for potential deportation.

Attempting to avoid arrest and subsequent return, the reporter and his camera crew happened upon a group of veterans who offered to help them hide. It happened that one of those veterans was Oliver’s future wife—U.S. Army combat medic Kate Norley.

After exchanging emails in 2008, Oliver and Norley struck up a friendship. In 2010, Oliver proposed in St. Thomas and the couple tied the knot one year later. Together, the couple has one child, a son, born prematurely in 2015.

John oliver net worth

John Oliver Net Worth and Awards

The British actor and comedian has an estimated net worth of $5 million and he earns an annual salary of $2 million from Last Week Tonight show.

The comedian won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Interactive Program for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver in 2015. In 2016 he won Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Variety Talk Series and Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series.

In 2017, he was nominated for three more Primetime Emmy Awards for the series. From 2009 to 2014 he appeared in the television series Community. Oliver also appeared in the 2008 movie The Love Guru.

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Quick facts about John Oliver/Wiki

Full Name: John William Oliver

Profession: Actor, Screenwriter, Comedian, Television producer, Voice Actor

Height: 6 ft (1.83 m)

Nationality: United Kingdom

Date of Birth: April 23, 1977

Place of Birth: Erdington, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Education: Christ’s College, Cambridge

Marital status: Married (Kate Norley (m. 2011)

Children: 1

John Oliver Net Worth: $5 Million