Whitney Sudler-Smith Net Worth – American filmmaker, television director, and reality television personality, Whitney Sudler-Smith has a net worth of $2 million.

Born in 1968 in Washington, DC to Patricia Altschul, Whitney Sudler-Smith. He was raised by his mother after she was divorced from his father when he was less than 12 years old. He remained with his mother even after her next two marriages.

His later life would be influenced greatly by her as she was a socialite and an art collector.

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For his education, the man attended the Georgetown Day School before going on to graduate from the George Washington University. He also got an education from Oxford University and Alliance Francaise in Paris.

Whitney Sudler-Smith Net Worth As A Filmmaker

Mainly, Whitney Sudler-Smith got his riches thanks to his life as a filmmaker. Nevertheless, it is also possible that he got to benefit in some ways from his relationship with a former Wall Street man, Arthur Goodhart Altschul, whom his mother had married in 1996 and remained together until his death in 2002.

Whitney Sudler-Smith Net Worth

Still, this may not hold much weight because it was in 1996 that he left for Los Angeles to make his marks in Hollywood.
After moving, Sudler-Smith directed a small budget movie Going for Baroque and Afternoon Delight. He got interested in India film and produced a movie Bubba and Ike in 1998 starring Elisa Gabrielli and Jesse Borrego. He also wrote and directed another Indie movie named Torture TV featuring Danny Huston and Trevor Goddard. Whitney Sudler-Smith’s net worth comes from his work of film directing and making.

Together with his career as a filmmaker, Sudler-Smith is also the director and actor of the Bravo TV show Southern Charm. Sudler-Smith looks into the lives of six young aspiring professionals of South Carolina. Whitney Sudler-Smith’s net worth can also be predicted from the daily life of her mother who spends a lot of the family earning in drinks.

Apart from his career in filmmaking, he is also a trained guitarist and bon vivant. He is currently in a relationship with German celebrity Larissa Marolt.

Whitney Sudler-Smith’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million as of today.

Whitney Sudler-Smith Net Worth

Among some assets, the versatile entertainer is said to have been his wrist watches including a vintage 19766 Paul Newman Daytona Rolex, which could possibly fetch hundreds of thousand dollars or even a million in an auction. Obviously, however, he is not ready to sell it. Maybe not now.

Some people get to note that he owns the Mikell House, a 9,480-square-foot mansion. Nevertheless, the mansion which was built as far back as 1851 was actually bought by his mother for $4.8 million. 

After buying the house, Patricia Altschul, gave the entire building a serious renovation before she finally moved in.

Sudler-Smith on the other also has a very good house, and he didn’t hold back from displaying the new one he acquired in 2015 on Twitter.

Although from this point, the house looks sweet and sleek, we are unable to get the worth of the building which is in Bel Air.

There were many expectations among those devoutly following Southern Charm that soon, Whitney’s Restaurant may get to open. So far it’s its just far and nothing more about it.

He planned to open the French-Mexican eatery opening in his hometown of Charleston a few years back, and a lot of buzzes went with the planning. Some rumors have in fact had it that the restaurant may never get to open again, or at least for now, for some unstated reasons.

That would have been another great way of adding the numbers to his net worth, even though it is not one of those businesses with little risk.

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49 years old, Whitney Sudler-Smith can get flashy and display his wealth on social media. That is at least understandable unless you don’t understand his relationship with his mother and the kind of woman she is.

At the end of the day, the net worth of Whitney Sudler-Smith may rightly, or even wrongly, be assumed to come from his hard work and the generosity of his mother who has herself amassed a lot of wealth that has gone into millions of dollars.

in fact, there are some sources that have put the woman’s wealth to be as huge as $20 million.

Quick Facts about Whitney Sudler-Smith

Full Name: Whitney Sudler-Smith

Profession: film and television director

Nationality: American

Date of Birth: June 2, 1968

Place of Birth: Washington D.C., U.S.

Marital status: Single

Astrological sign: Gemini

Whitney Sudler-Smith Net Worth: $2 Million